Our Expertises

In order to acquire the best competences we are only doing the cold calling. This role consists of approaching confidentially the most qualified employees for each case in the heart of each company.

Based on our knowledge of different sectors, we develop a list of targeted companies. We identify and approach potential candidates within these companies thanks to different kind of situations that let us make the organization of the society. We present the qualified candidates that match your criteria, before having evaluated their motivation, experience and checked if their profile is the one that we are looking for according to the brief and Job Description, but we also provide our clients with the following weekly documents: weekly to do list, and weekly update of the candidates database: comments, CVs…
We guarantee to send to our clients all the information that we have already checked.
We inform our clients at any state of the process thanks to our extranet.
We provide our client this information in a relationship manages by the transparency
Excellence, rigor, transparency, confidence, creativity and determination are our corporate values.

We take part in different sectors as: :

We are experts in the following positions: :

Some international missions: :